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Blackberry Lemon Fat Bomb

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Why Fat bombs? Fat bombs are great when you want to kick the junk food and sugar cravings and stay full longer. Plus they are quick and easy to make. Blackberries can be your best friend on a keto diet. They are one of the lowest carb fruits so you can still enjoy them without feeling guilty.
Protein often turns to sugar on a low carb diet and can stall weight loss due to the gluconeogenesis process. Eating enough fat will keep you full, and allow your body to burn off the excess fat it already has.

Makes 24
1 cup cream cheese
1/2 cup Coconut oil
4 oz grass-fed butter melted
4 Tbsp Monk Fruit sweetener
6 Tbsp fresh squeeze lemon juice
9 blackberries smashed

Blend and freeze

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