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Homemade NON-ion Powder

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Onion powder is in EVERYTHING it seems like. Shopping in an American grocery store, almost every savory product has onion in it! For those of us sensitive or allergic, it can be incredibly frustrating.

We have started substituting Fennel Bulb for onion in most recipes; but as of this writing, there isn’t a commercially available Fennel bulb powder. So, of course, we made our own!

DIY Dehydrated Fennel Bulb Powder

Fennel Bulb makes a great onion substitute, now you can have a minced or powder to go in your spice cabinet too!

  • 4 bulbs fennel
  • 1 teaspoon truffle zest
  1. Clean and slice fennel bulbs as thin as possible. If using the oven method preheat oven to the lowest setting.
  2. Place on dehydrator tray or baking sheet if using the oven.
  3. Dry until there is absolutely no moisture left in them. In a dehydrator this took 6 hours, but in the oven it could take up to 12 hours.
  4. Once the fennel bulbs are completely dehydrated place in food processor and process until you have a coarse or fine powder. (DO NOT open processor right away.)
  5. Add truffle zest powder and stir thoroughly.

  6. Store in an airtight container and enjoy!

You can omit the truffle zest powder if you can’t find it for purchase, or you don’t want the powder to have the typical onion ‘bite’

I used the dehydrate function on my Ninja Foodi Deluxe 8qt machine with the dehydrator rack accessory.


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