About Us

I love to eat, take food road trips, cook and experiment with gadgets. Through this blog, I share our family’s eating adventures and lessons learned along the way. We believe food and drink fosters community, love and unites us all. We hope you enjoy following along!

Dimpled Kitchen LogoDimpled Kitchen is a food blog based in Central Alaska, sharing our kitchen recipes, cooking adventures, and food product obsessions. It chronicles the cravings of Emma and her supportive husband, Ry handles most of the clean up, writer’s editing and taste testing.

My hope for Dimpled Kitchen is that it can be a community and a resource for foodies from all over the world. I will never stop learning and it is my goal that we learn together, the big ideas, new health findings, and the practical tips; and can also benefit you.

The recipes here range from fun and simple to an extravagant dinner for company to impress, but ultimately, they’re all delicious. We’re most inspired by the things we eat when traveling or random ingredients in the fridge.

Restaurant Reviews: We accept a limited number of invitations to dine at restaurants for menu tastings, sneak peeks, etc, if they are restaurants we are interested in trying. However, we reserve the right to not post about our experience and we will always be completely honest in our reviews.

Interested in working with us? Occasionally we create sponsored posts for brands that are a good fit for our little Food Blog. We’re also available for recipe development & photography. Send us a quick email for more info!

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