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#atozchallenge - Learn to Cook Online

Learning to Cook… Online?

Almost everything is available to do virtually now, including learning how to cook. There are several accredited courses you can take online that will make you a chef! One of the primary benefits of online education is that it provides flexible learning on a schedule that can fit your busy home and work life.

As we move into a more technological world, more institutions are trading in the classroom for the world wide web, and their degree programs are following them. Culinary schools are no different. Online culinary schools offer all the training you would receive if you practiced at a physical location, but takes away much of the stress. Working online means that your current job that pays your bills will not suffer as you earn your culinary degree that will lead you to a career.

Bloglovin launched in November 2007 with the purpose of helping anyone to read all their favorite blogs in one place.

I’m not sure how you read all of your other favorite blogs. It may be through an e-mail subscription, Facebook or just visiting every day (What happens when your list of favorite blogs gets too long?!). But if you follow along with Google Reader – things are a changin’. {And if you’ve never used a blog reader, then you’re going to love this!} Bloglovin’ is an easy-to-use RSS reader for all the blogs you follow, provided that they have an RSS feed. It is a site that allows you to follow other blogs (mine included),share and post if you have a blog as well. It is a great tool to help with getting a blog noticed and followed and it gives you the ability to find new and interesting things, especially to read and start discussions. It even can lead to making new friends and collaborations. They make it so easy to manage the blogs you read in your browser, or on your mobile device.

Once signed up, you’re greeted with a clean and simple UI, a ‘blogs’ link and a search field to start adding sites. You can start browsing blogs via the categorised database or you can head straight to search and type “the next web” or “startups” for example. Click the site name to see a profile page with recent posts, basic info about the site, how many subscribers it has, its rank, category and related sites. If you’re ready to subscribe, simply click “follow” and you’re all set.

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